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Villalpando is a town in the northwest of the province of Zamora and has a population of 1700. It is located at kilometer 234 of the A-6 Madrid-Coruña Motorway.

It is the capital of Tierra de Campos, an agricultural and farming region in Zamora. The cereal fields and vast plains define a landscape of wide horizons, dotted with brick and mud dovecotes in many different shapes, which are the most beautiful example of popular architecture in this area. It retains the flavor and essence of Castile.

Among many other traces of its past, we should highlight the Church of St. Mary of the Temple, which now houses the Town Hall, the Palace of the Constables of Castile, where they lived during the sixteenth century, the Romanesque Mudéjar Church of St. Mary la Antigua, and the landmark Villa gate, the latter two declared Cultural Heritage Sites. In addition, Villalpando claims to be the first town in Christendom who proclaimed the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin, in a local proclamation known as a vow, signed in 1466 together with thirteen other towns in the region. It is a milestone that is still celebrated on December 8 and which is one of the major local festivals, along with the Wood Fair in June and the Feast of St. Roque, the clearest sign that the people from Villalpando love bullfighting.

Map of Villalpando
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