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Rincón de San Cayetano holiday cottage stands on the remains of the Mudéjar Romanesque style parish church of Santiago, founded in Villalpando in the mid-twelfth century by one of the entrances to the walled town, Santiago gate, which has been preserved to this day. The old church has now been rebuilt and renovated to house a holiday cottage, which perfectly combines past and present, by enhancing the value of the old part and adapting the new one.
Information: Phone: +34 980 660 425 · +34 669 561 225 · info@rincondesancayetano.com
Rincón de San Cayetano consists of two houses which are available to rent as a whole, Casa de la Sacristía, on the ground floor, and Casa de los Arcos, on the first floor. They are interconnected by means of a garden and a shared entrance, and can be rented separately or together. They are easily accessible, ideally located in the town center, and there is no difficulty in finding a parking space.
info@rincondesancayetano.com· Phone: +34 980 660 425 · +34 669 561 225
Rincón de San Cayetano · 49630 Villalpando · Zamora · Spain
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